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Welcome to Dr. Emily McClure's family practice

We provide the best modern health care in a natural, friendly environment. In addition to promoting your health, Dr. McClure's sincere approach in establishing personal relationships over time is what her patients truly appreciate most. We get to know all members of your family and put each one on a path to wellness, restfulness, and happiness. Thank you for visiting our new website. We look forward to seeing you again or getting to know you for the first time.

"Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.”
- Albert Schweitzer

Total Healthcare

From your first physical to your next tetanus shot and any illnesses or injuries in between. Your health is personally important to us. Our comprehensive care and preventive medicine is at your service.

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Disease Prevention

Family history, lifestyle, and environmental factors can all contribute to serious illness. Ask how you can better prepare yourself to extend and raise the quality of your life. You control the factors. We can help with the results.

Personalized Care

We don't believe in fad diets, gimmick workouts, or magic pills. We get to know you. We learn what your strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals are. That way when you get sick we can recommend how to get you better and keep you well.

Did you know?

Hometown professional health care by your friends and neighbors.

Dr. Emily McClure and staff. Decatur Alabama

Our Scope

Striking a professional balance between a pleasant and thorough approach to small town medicine is our mission. When you entrust us with your health and wellness we promise to do our very best to make sure you're comfortable. We'll identify your ailment, plan your recovery, and walk you down the path to restoration.

Many women enjoy the reassuring confidence their annual exam brings confirming their good health. Others have some anxiety that a medical issue could arise. Whatever your inclination we can all agree that annual exams are an essential ingredient in the recipe for good health. We have specialized in all women's issues including your annual since we first opened our doors.

Diet and exercise are crucial elements in comprehensive fitness. We can ease you into gradual lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve your quality of life. Cancer screenings, mammograms, and physicals can identify serious issues early and save valuable time in corrective treatment. Effects of obesity, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and other chronic medical concerns can be reduced or even prevented with the right strategy from your doctor.

Modern, Western medical science has cured countless rare diseases. Holistic Medicine has been improving sleep, reducing stress, and treating migraine headache pain for centuries. We can gently develop a personal formula that works best for you.

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